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December 31, 2023

Music & Your Wedding Day

Curating the perfect playlist can set the tone for your wedding day and give you a chance to add another personal touch to the details so your ceremony, reception and every moment in between is perfectly unique to your love story.

Music can often be overlooked by couples, or decided upon at the last minute. Your DJ or Planner will likely ask you for a list of certain songs so they can be prepared and have the music ready to go.

Let’s review the songs you need to pick out for your wedding day!


As your guests are arriving, what do you want them to listen to? A particular playlist of songs or genres is often chosen, but sometimes couples will point their DJ in the direction of playing whatever they feel is best. Sometimes, couples will opt for live music here as well.


Your wedding ceremony has started! What are your wedding party members walking down the aisle to? Some couples will have 1 or 2 songs for their entire party, some will have a separate song for the groomsmen, groom, bridesmaids, and bride. In our experience, this is an area where couples make decisions the most and don’t leave this one up to the DJ! All of those beautiful piano renditions going around TikTok of your favourite songs fit in perfectly here.


While most of your ceremony is talking, either between you and your spouse or the officiant, there are a few moments of silence when signing the marriage license. Background noise is often appreciated to drown out the rustle of paper and pen shuffling. Typically, 1 song that is a few minutes in length works here.


You’ve said I DO and sealed it with a kiss! What’s your celebratory song? Usually this selection is another song that is important to the couple and depending on the length of your recessional and the moments after your ceremony, couples pick 1 to 2 songs to play. We recommend giving your top 2-3 choices to the DJ, and allowing them to select similar songs in case guests take a bit longer than anticipated to move out of the ceremony space.


You’re about to enter the celebration that’s just for you! What song do you want played as you’re announced as the new couple for the first time? Sometimes, couples will select a song for their wedding party, and a separate one for the two of them. Sometimes, couples skip this and have a more low-key entrance. It’s totally up to you!


The obvious song choice to be made when thinking of wedding music. Your first dance as a new couple is one of many special moments on your wedding day. Pick a song that is meaningful and memorable to your relationship as it will be special forevermore. Our biggest tip for a first dance song is to have the DJ fade it out after a minute or two, as getting into the three to four minute time frame can get (dare we say it) awkward and slow down the flow of your reception.


If cutting the cake is your jam, picking out a special song to play during this moment is another place where couples add a touch that is unique to their love story! Sometimes, this is one that couples will skip or have the DJ pick what they recommend!

Other considerations you can make when planning your music is including a list of songs you want to hear during the party, a do-not play list, and providing your DJ with your overall preferences. Part of hiring a professional is trusting their guidance, and allowing them to read the room. Overall, our biggest tip when choosing music – consider the mood you want to set on your wedding day.

If you’re in need of some help to narrow down the music you want for your wedding day – let’s chat!


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